Streetstyle Favorites from Japan!

I am a HUGE sucker for Japanese fashion. In fact, it has been a long-time dream of mine to be able to go to Japan! I wanna see the places, the people, the fashion, their culture - everything! And I guess I'm gonna have to live there to be able to do all that. When I look at pictures of Japanese people in their kitschy crazy Japanese fashion as they go around their busy Japanese streets eating their cute Japanese foods, I'd be like "I should be Japanese. I belong there." LOL.

Oh well. Enough with the daydreaming. I just dropped by to share you guys the coolest outfits I found while browsing through Tokyo Fashion and Style Arena's galleries. I can't even pick a fave because I just love them all!

Photos from Tokyo Fashion and Style Arena ♥

Chambray & Wine

As promised, I am back! I am back with new outfits, new stories, tons of new inspirations and I honestly don't know how or where to begin! *crying tears of joy*

OK done with drama. Down to business.

If it's any consolation to you, I have been preparing for this comeback since the summer, which is around April - May if you live here in the Philippines. So my first few posts would most likely be the ones taken when I still had "normal people" hair.

Like this:
I wore this when we were required to come to work in business casual attire because we had clients from the US coming over for a visit so we had to look decent.

I don't own anything "corporate" in my closet nor do I ever wish to so this is pretty much the most "decent" look I can come up with if not business-y.

denim button down top - thrifted | wine-colored pants - thrifted
platform brogues - thrifted | socks - i don't know where they're from haha

Yes my darlings, the only thing that isn't thrifted in this look are my socks and I don't even remember where I got them. I'll let y'all know when I find out! *wink*

I'm Miss Sugar Pink!

I'm not even going to try to explain why I've been gone for yet another lifetime. All that really matters now is that I am back. And I have pink hair.

I was excited and scared to go all out pink because I honestly thought it wouldn't look good on me. But you see, I was born with F*ck It Attitude, so I went for it anyway and got lucky!

I loved it! I used Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink hair dye and it turned out exactly the way I hoped it would. I loved it so much so I took a dozen selfies:

(90s chokers - DIY)
At work, I am the only girl with cotton candy hair!

(Pearl & roses headband - DIY, cat star studded shirt - Christmas gift from last year)
It fades really fast though. It's only been a week since I had it on but the pink isn't that bright anymore. I don't want a very pastel hair after all because I am definitely going for a brighter pink next time! Excited? Not as much as I am!

Happy New Year!

Instead of throwing tantrums cuz we've got work on New Year's Eve, I decided to just throw on my little black dress and a loose sequined tanktop to tone down the sexiness of the tight LBD and at the same time, add a little sparkle to the entire look!

You can call me Queen Bee and baby I'll rule.

Look! I'm alive! And here I am in my most glammed up comeback ever! Sigh, I still can't believe one of my long-time dreams finally came true this year. Actually, there's two of them but I will blog about the other one on a different entry. For now, I just wanna share y'all what I wore at our company's Christmas party at the EDSA Shangri La Hotel last Saturday!

The theme was Casino Royale so we were supposed to channel our inner James Bond and Bond Girls. But Bond Girls are super glamorous and classy and sophisticated and I'm like, Niknok - socially awkward and weird and restless and clumsy and "gracefully challenged". To be perfectly honest, I really had a hard time deciding what to wear.

I had a plan - super tight, super short open-back little black dress, matched with a super sexy, super high death-defying killer heels. Bond Girl, bitches. (I have a photo of the outfit that didn't make it and will share it soon!) But I changed my mind just a few weeks before the party! I realized it'll be my first ever posh party to attend and as much as possible, I wanted to be comfortable in what I'm wearing so I can move  freely and have as much fun as I can! That's why I ditched Plan A, and went for plan Bee -- a look that's cute and sexy at the same time, something that isn't trying too hard, not too sexed-up, I wanted something that is more ME! Besides, who says major klutz like me can't be a Bond Girl?

I wore this black & gold dress from Forever 21. It was actually much longer when I bought but I had to hem it (cut it short) because I don't do dresses 3 inches above the knees. I like my dresses on or above my fingertips, my shoulders, back, and legs bare, and my soul exposed. LOL. Don't take that too seriously. 

My ankle strap wedge shoes are from Jellybean! I've been drooling over a pair of ankle straps for the longest time until that fateful day when I went to the mall to watch Thor, I saw a huge SALE banner outside Jellybean, went inside, and spotted these babies with the sweetest price tags on them! UGH. That moment was heaven. 

Dress, earrings, cuffs - Forever21, Wedge shoes - Jellybean, Clutch - SM Accessories

I was going for a Casino Royal look, but I came out looking like a high school Queen Bee out for some underage partying! Gossip Girl > Bond Girl. Hihi

Gold cutout cuff from Forever21 and clutch from WWW(SM Accessories)

Hair, make-up, and styling were all by ME! Haha. I'm a self-confessed make-up dummy and I've made it clear that I'm no make-up and hair expert but I am just that girl who [thinks she] can do everything on her own - so she does - not only because she can, but also because she wants all credit to herself. HAHAHA #greedybitch Is that a bad thing? LOL. I know it kinda is, but hey it doesn't look bad at all!

I'm not a huge fan of neatly combed straight hair and I would never be caught dead with limp greasy hair all up in my face so I made sure my hair was a gorgeous mess and went for tousled soft waves. As for the make up, I went for a washed out look so it's basically just smokey eyes and pale, baby pinkish lips. I skipped the highlighting and contouring stuff because duh, I don't know how to do them no matter how many YouTube video tutorials I have already seen. Ugh. Anyway, I still loved my DIY make up (for dummies). After all, the goal was to avoid looking greasy and muddy in an attempt to be sexy. I wanted to look as young and fresh as possible! 

I am so happy with my work! I can proudly say I have achieved the Niknok Style in this glammed up look! I  just can't be any happier with the outcome and I'm keeping my fingers crossed cuz I would definitely love to do this again next year! :)

Sorry for the blurry and grainy photos! None of my friends brought a decent camera because we were all too lazy to carry them bulky things around. So we basically relied on our phones! Now here goes more of those blurry and grainy photos from the lazy people:

Photos from Krstn B. :)

Luckily, there was a photobooth!

Still got tons of photos but this is enough proof of how awesome that day was. The party was filled with gorgeous people (aherm) and I wish I could show y'all how all the girls were so pretty and all the boys were so dapper that night but yeah, I'm just gonna leave all that to your imagination! All I'm sure of right now is that I had a blast and calling that night "fun" is one heck of an understatement!

It was a sick night - bangin' from start to finish. Even to that part when we ran in the rain and I had to freaking sprint the BGC streets in my five-inch wedge shoes. Eff yeah, even that part when we went inside a club looking like homeless kittens soaked up in the rain and to that part when I had to walk inside barefoot because I couldn't feel my legs anymore and I didn't bring spare shoes. Every split second of that night, from start to how-did-it-even-finish? was EPIC.