Lola Cafe + Bar: Filipino Cuisine Like You've Never Had It Before

Contrary to the popular belief of most people around me, [Hello family and friends who keep accusing me of starving myself to death again!] I actually love to eat! Ask my boyfriend who can't finish a bigass burger, who eats what he can't anymore? ME.

So I thought it's only right that I also share you guys some of my food adventures! Ok, I know I've said before that this isn't going to be a food blog, but I also didn't say I wasn't lying. Haha! Seriously though, firsts are always fun! Besides, my latest food adventure was really something I couldn't bear not to share!

So this is where I grabbed late lunch two Thursdays ago! At the Lola Cafe in Tomas Morato! Had my cousin Jillene as my date for that day since her school is just around the area and we're just so lucky to be invited to Open Rice's Eats A Date food event for bloggers!

Walking into this place felt like walking into one of my Pinterest boards! I guess that's what made me love it already right when we got there. I couldn't help but look around in awe of seeing actual versions of some of my favorite pins! Definitely Instagram-worthy!

Did you know that this chic foodie hangout spot used to be an old house? No wonder why it exudes this cozy and homey vibe that feels a lot like coming home. It even has its own parking lot, making it even more convenient for customers to just drop by anytime whether with their family or friends just to catch up over lunch or dinner!

Lola Cafe serves signature Filipino dishes. Think your grandmother's home cooked dishes but with a twist! And we got to try some of their bestsellers!

Chipirones (Php165)
This baby squid and pickled veggies mix is like a posh version of one of my favorite pulutan!

Halabos na Hipon sa Aligue - (Php560)
Prawns drenched in aligue sauce! If you're like me who loses it at the mention of "aligue", this is one dish you definitely have to try!

Wagyu Salpicao - (Php320)
A must-try for hardcore meatlovers like me!

Truffled Lengua(Php495)
Normally, I wouldn't like the thought of eating lengua because it's literally a tounge but Lola Cafe's take on this dish made me forget all that. I mean, Y-U-M!

Bagoong Fried Rice with Pork Belly - Php275

Bone Marrow Sisig - Php560
Now this is what every sisig monster's dreams are made of! I told my boyfriend how freakin' good Lola Cafe's bone marrow sisig is and I seriously can't wait to take him there just to prove it!

Cashew Pavlova - P99
What you gon' do with that dessert? These are actually meringue with kesong puti, strawberry cream, and cashew nuts sprinkled all over. They reminded me so much of my lola who always sends me meringue all the way from Isabela because she knows how much I love meringue! I even told my cousin that day "Naalala ko si Lola!"

Responsible for quenching our thirst were these mocktails with fresh fruits and mint leaves!

I'm so glad that my food adventures for this blog started out at Lola Cafe' and with Filipino dishes. Aside from its homey ambience, the food they serve also hit really close to home! I can't even pick a favorite! I mean, Wagyu beef vs. Prawns + Aligue vs. Bone Marrow Sisig. Tell me, what's a girl [who loves all three] to do?

Oh, I know. Come back for more!

The Lola CafĂ© and Bar is open Mondays thru Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM  and on Fridays and weekends from 11:00 AM up to 2:00 AM. You'll find them at the corner of Sct. Lozano and Sct. Tuazon just a few steps away from the only Max's in that area (lol that's what the cam driver told me). They also accept reservations at the following contact numbers: 09178176045, 501-26-20, and 219-32-54.


  1. HUHUHUHU I regret not being able to come! The place is so fancy and pretty and vintage all together!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City


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