Oh, hey there! My name is Dominique. I am a lovechild of two people I only know by name. I am twenty eight but do I really look like it? An Aquarian born in February – that’s like crazy multiplied by crazy. Do the Math because I can’t.

In spite of being blessed with an oh-so-chic name of French origin, "Dominique", pronounced /dɒmɨˈniːk/ dom-i-neek, my friends and family prefer to call me Niknok.

I did research on how that silly nickname came to be and this is what they told me:

A). I was scratched in the face by a chicken when I was a kid
B). I ate chicken poop when I was a kid

I have scars on my face to prove A but I'm not 100% sure about B though I really wish it was just a lie my folks had to tell me to make me feel disgusted with myself.

The chicken that scratched my cute face as a kid, probably because I ate its poop, but that's just a theory, has inspired my loving family to playfully call me Niknok since then. 

In Filipino, chickens are called "Manok" so they took the "Nok" from the chicken word and added it to the last syllable of my name, Dominique, because they kind of make the same funny sound - nique-nok. Spelled N-I-K-N-O-K because, why d'ya have to go and make things so complicated? 

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. I write for a living, I write for fun, I write when I'm mad, and I write when I'm sad. I have given up on an awful lot of things in my life but writing is something I'd probably never quit.

I am currently living my long-time dream of working from home! So I am basically locked up inside my own private domicile where I will not be harassed, bitch 24/7 unless I have to go out for errands, groceries, and other boring adult stuff. 

I live in my very own home sweet mortgaged home that sits on top of a mountain [I’m serious] and living with me right now are my 10 beautiful, overly-attached, rescued/adopted/foster-failed cats. And a dog named Gogi. [Again, I am serious.]

I love animals. In spite of what they have all done to me. I've been scratched in the face by a chicken which left a visible scar, bit by a dog when I tried to pet its puppies, chased by a raging cow that my cousin and I had to run for our lives and climb a tree to stay alive, attacked by fishes when I went snorkeling for the first time, and enslaved forever by the 10 cats I have randomly rescued from the streets because they were just too cute to be homeless. But, I love animals. 

Hobbies, in order of craziness, include binge-watching TV series and movies, blasting my favorite music at home while singing and dancing to it, sewing things, crocheting things, watering my plants, and bullying my cats. 

I stand only 5 feet short tall. Underweight which I prefer because #issues. I don't smoke. I drink but alcohol bores me. The only thing I watch on local TV is the news not because I'm a snob who thinks I have better taste than everybody but because I have a very short attention span. 

I don't party at clubs because I'd rather host no-sleep parties at my house. I'm shy and socially awkward, and I may not have many friends, but I do have a few awesome crazies in my tiny squad that I wouldn't trade for anyone in Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video. (OK maybe I'll reconsider that first.)

So that's pretty much all I can tell you about myself for now. I hope you enjoy my silly blog, and if you would like to know more about me, I suggest you keep reading!

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