Kicking off 2017 with a tiny update on this blog! Been trying to finish this video for the past 6 months (i knowwww) but I only got to finish it on the 3rd day of 2017. Don't ask why it took me that long to get this shit done. I will write a separate post for my endless list of excuses on why I have completely neglected this blog once again. Uhh didn't name it "Deadbeat" for nothing.

Anyway, finally! Check out this fun little video I made for our North Cebu trip last year!

Here's a little backstory:

The original plan was to explore South Cebu. I booked this trip so I can go chasing waterfalls (chos), no seriously, last year, I was itching to try canyoneering in Kawasan Falls!

So I booked our flights with only one thing in mind: Imma jump off those waterfalls and cliffs and whatever high spot it is I can jump from! And nope, I didn't plan on swimming with the whale sharks in Moalboal because sea creatures, let alone humongous whales, freak the shit out of me.

So the plan was just to go canyoneering then find another island we can spend the rest of the trip in, maybe rent a motorbike and tour the place on our own,  basically just chill the days away.

BUT just a week  before the trip, I saw on the news that the local government has banned canyoneering activities due to the upcoming rainy season!

The good thing was I had this list of gorgeous islands to visit in Cebu and spotted Malapascua. So I decided to ditch the canyoneering plans down south so we can just go all the way up north!

Much to my surprise...I swear I didn't know and was actually super shookt when I found out, that my ultimate dream destination [at the time], Kalanggaman Island in Palompon Leyte, was just a 45-minute boat ride away from Malapascua Island!

My heart jumped for joy and I totally forgot about my botched super-extreme-could've been-adventure with the waterfalls in South Cebu! I was finally going to see Kalanggaman Island!

And that's how we ended up living up the island life for 2 days!

I must have watched the video a million times! And every replay paints a silly super happy smile on my face. I think it's because I looked so genuinely happy in the video.

Like, wow, that's probably the happiest I have ever been in my entire life. That's new. And I liked it. I aim to be that happy every freakin day of my life! And I gotta say, no matter how many people think it sucked,  2016 definitely brought me some of the best days of my life. 

But enough of the drama. Below is my attempt to recall everything we did on our 4-day getaway! Too lazy right now to add the photos we took. I'll prolly do that some other time as a photodump or something.

Day 1 

7:00 AM - Flight to Cebu
8:30 AM - Arrived at Cebu
9:30 AM - Rode a bus to Maya Wharf [It's a 4-hour ride so we got to catch up on sleep]
1:00 PM - Arrived at Maya Wharf
1:45 PM - Finally in Malapascua
2:00 PM onwards - had late lunch then went for a swim and watched the sunset!

Day 2 

7:00 AM - Breakfast
9:00 AM - Rode a boat to Kalanggaman Island!
9:45-10:00 AM - Finally set foot on Kalanggaman Island with tear drops on my face cuz I was soooo fucking happy!!!!!!!!
12:00 NOON - Free lunch c/o our boatmen!
1:00 PM - Kissed Kalanggaman Island goodbye, promised I'll be back someday!
2:00 PM onwards - Back in Malapascua, swam some more, had a super chill candle-lit dinner by the beach, just sat on beanbags, feeling the sand on our feet, all romantic and shit.

Day 3 

5:00 AM - Woke up early to watch the sunrise! Then jumped in the ocean once again for our final dip as we leave the island at lunch!
1:00 PM - We're on the bus at Maya Wharf on our way back to the city.
4:00 PM - I forgot what that place was but my boyfriend had relatives there and we dropped by to visit
7:00 PM - We're back in Cebu City, checked in our hotel, went out to check out their IT Park, had some Cebu lechon for dinner then went back to the hotel to get some rest before we leave the next day.

Day 4 

5:00 AM - Up early to go check out this cathedral, the Magellan's cross, which turned out to be smaller than I expected, then dropped by a market to buy pasalubongs before heading to the airport.

12:45 NN - Flight to MNL. Delayed twice so I think we got to leave around 1:30 PM?

OK so I remember everything after all!

I can't wait to go on more trips like this and maybe try to make decent vlogs! I noticed everyone getting into vlogging these days and I wanna do it too~! Wish me luck? 


  1. This trip seems like a lot of fun! I'm really enjoying your blog.

  2. Kalanggaman Island is one of my dream destination too! I hope I could go there soon! :D

    1. You will! Who knows, this could be the year you'll get to go!!! <3

  3. Aw this Vlog convinced me that I should visit this Kalanggaman Island too. Must include this on my Travel List this 2017.

    I enjoyed reading your blog :)

  4. You're so fit I'm jealous! I don't know how you have time to work out in between adulting! Haha

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  5. SO LOVE YOUR TRIANGL BIKINI! Tsaka I think I've commented this before in your previous IG or maybe Twitter post pero HOT MO PLS haha

    Ochi | Ochi In The City


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