The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

Can you believe I'm blogging right now? Neither can I! And just like the bajillion times I've risen from my temporary online deaths, I have no freakin idea where to start right now. But I'm gonna give it a try anyway so, here's a quick recap of what I've been up to the past few months I was MIA.

I attended the Bloggys 2015 but we left early and went shopping instead. My day was already complete anyway when I saw girlcrush Dominique Tiu of at SM Aura that day.

I went to Baguio with boyfriend last November and had soooo much fun wearing layers of jackets and sweaters and tights and platform boots and walking around the city pretending we're not in PH! I pray for the day I get a free time to upload all the photos we took from that trip so I can talk more about it here.

I got a dog! He's an aspin named Gogi and he's a total cutie! Although I can't say they love him, my cats haven't tried to kill him yet so I guess they've made peace with the fact that they will be living with a dog from now on.

Spent Christmas at my hometown (Isabela) because I missed it last year

Was in Boracay two weeks ago for a work-related party/meeting. It was the very first time I met my bosses, who flew all the way from Australia, and workmates from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao!  Super awesome and funny experience and I'm definitely going to share about it soon!

I GOT FAT.  Trust me, you don't want to hear/read my "I got fat" rants. It's pathetic so I keep things like this to myself.

I really wish I could write more about all of my adventures and misadventures at the last quarter of 2015 but "busy" is a total understatement of how crazy fucking hectic my schedule was during those days!

Remember when I said I would shop for Christmas gifts as early as October? I completed my gift shopping list just a few days before Christmas. And you know what I asked Santa for Christmas? Additional 10 hours a day, 5 more sets of hands and feet, and had it not been too much to ask, at least 3 clones of myself.

So there, I guess that gives you an idea why I never got to squeeze in an hour or even a minute just to drop by my little blog and write shit down like a "Hello!" or a "Hi!" if "Hello!" takes too long to type. I didn't even get to greet those 1-2 people who read my blog a Merry Christmas. Horrible blogger is what I am.

Anyway, since I'm too lazy to think of a clever segway...

And rereading this post and wondering if I'm making any sense here but then again, even if I'm not, I'm publishing this crappy comeback anyway.

Hello Bitches by CL (of 2NE1). Believe me when I say I'm itching to add that song to this blog so it plays everytime you open but that's surely going to be frowned upon (except by Blackjacks and CL fans) and I'm going to be judged for it, though IDGAF, but yeah, not the best idea.

What to get for myself on my birthday because we're literally just a few minutes away from February and with all my hardwork and patience and a little more hardwork since quitting my office job last year, I feel like I deserve a gift - something I've never given myself before! Yikes!

This sticky Strawberry Carmex on my dry chapped lips.

I could go back to 2 Sundays ago when I was running to the beach alone at 5:45 AM because I wanted to chase the sun and watch it rise and I did! Kind of teary-eyed right now just thinking about that day. I was so happy, you have no idea! (Featured photo of this post was taken Jan. 17, Sunday - and exactly a month before my birthday.)

That everything I have read about my luck this year after Googlin' '2016 feng-shui' are true cuz they're all so promising and I'm so excited to hustle my way to make more of these little dreams come true.

My pajamas, a sweater, socks, and earmuffs. I'm serious.

My life right now.

To run, exercise, and eat healthy so bad. But also wanting to sleep and wake up then just lie on the couch and dial 8-MCDO when I feel hungry just as bad.

Motivation to get back to the "healthy lifesyle" I lived once upon a time.

Sleepy so I shall jump to bed after hitting the publish button to catch some precious Zzzzzs!

Hope y'all had an awesome Sunday like mine today which was spent on the couch with cats and boyfriend and bubblewrap!



  1. Glad you're back. Been waiting for an update. :)

  2. Wow, you really have been busy! I remember Aneth and I were talking about how hot you are in your Twitter DP and you replied after several days! Hahaha I missed you in the blogosphere! Hope you can squeeze in more time for blogging!

    Ochi | Ochi In The City


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