Life Lately Vol. II

Let me tell you a secret. I'm only blogging here today because I remembered one of my tweets from the first week of June and it said:

Well, now I have 2 updates for the month of June and two is better than one!

So, what's up?

The sky? God, I hate answering that question. It's July tomorrow and I'm just here wondering how did we get here so fast? Where did all those 6 months go?

It's hard to keep track but I tried my best so here's a list of the things that's kept me busy for the first half of 2016:


90% of the reason why I couldn't find time to update this blog is work. If you're a freelancer like me, you'll understand why we we're so "addicted" to work. But I guess "inspired" is a better word for it. I have actually drafted a blog post about the things I love about my job but it's been on my drafts folder since forever.

So yeah, I've been busy as hell! But it's the fun kind of busy. Have you ever been so busy but you actually loved it? That's exactly what's been up with me. I don't hate it at all! It was a choice I happily made because the more I work, the more funds I collect for the 2nd reason why I haven't been blogging...


Not that I've been jetsetting for the past 6 months, no big-time destinations whatsoever. I've just been out a lot (on weekends) lately. Two weeks ago, I was in Cebu with the boyfriend. A few weeks before that, we were in Tagaytay, a few more weeks back, we were in Bataan, and then Pangasinan, and then Isabela....

And it's not even because I have a "wanderlust" to satisfy. I just like going out to de-stress after weeks of being locked up and focused at work, but I always look forward to coming home. Travel is not something I crave for on a regular basis. It's fun but can sometimes be very exhausting for someone who considers her alone time sacred.

In fact, traveling with me will always involve dealing with my anxiety that's mainly caused by not knowing what's happening back at home - with my cats and dog. I always feel like something bad is going to happen while I'm gone. I hire one cousin to feed them everyday when I travel but I get panic attacks when I'm miles away and couldn't get updates on how my pets at home are doing. I try my best to control it so I still get to enjoy the places I go to but it's serious and it's not funny.

This is why I prefer my travels to be very well thought out and planned (big big NO to those last-minute out-on-a-whim trips anymore) because I have important things and four-legged creatures to secure at home. It's not being KJ  or being OA. It's called (repeat after me) RES-PON-SI-BI-LI-TY.


Did you know that I have an online shop? I've actually been into online business since college. I started out by selling my slightly used clothes I didn't need anymore and then I went into serious business in 2007 by selling hand-made accessories, reselling swimwear, and even designing store layouts/templates for other online store owners. Ah, my days! I even quit my first job just to be able to focus on my business because I was already earning better from it. LOL 

But that was a long time ago and it's one of the things I've missed so much and have been working on lately - to get back to business. And I did that by starting off exactly the way I started 10 years ago, but now, using better, more modern platforms. Chos! (I still miss Multiply though.)

Check out my shop, Lovechild Vintage, on Instagram!

BTW, I'm celebrating today because Lovechild Vintage just reached 7,000 followers on IG last night! 


My life has been drama-free. It's been, actually, for the past 3 years already. So I can finally say I'm out of the woods now. In fact, the first half of this year has been really awesome for me.

  • I turned another year older last February and got the best gift I could ever ask for. I finally got the court decision granting my petition for change of surname and correction of gender on my birth certificate that was filed 5 years ago. That decision means a lot of great things for me. A legit identity is one of them and a chance to finally get a passport and travel abroad is another!
  • The fengshui forecasts back in January said I'm going to be lucky this year and they all seem to be true so far because work's been continuous, I'm not running out of work and that's a good thing because I get to pay the bills and feed my pets, fund my travels, and buy shit I wanna buy. That's also why I'm really more focused on work and thinking of a bigger business venture I can try this year. Strike while the iron is hot!
  • My cousin, who I literally grew up with and is basically my sister from another mother, got engaged this week! It's not even supposed to be surprising to me anymore because they've been planning to get married already but I just couldn't contain my happiness when she told me about it the other night. Her happiness made me so happy to the point of tears. I'm just so thankful that God keeps blessing her! I'm a proud Ate...and soon-to-be bridesmaid!
  • Did a lot of fur-mommy duties. Had two of my male cats neutered and I have 2 more scheduled to get fixed soon. My dog was hospitalized for almost a week last month for Parvo so we're completing his vaccinations so he won't get sick like that again. I work hard on being a good furmom to my pets because the amount of stress they are freeing me of is something I will forever thank them for!
  • CHANGE. Obviously, it has come. For this blog, at least! (I know another "change" who took his oath of office today. But politics is strictly prohibited in this blog so I'mma STFU now)

    As you can see, I've changed the blog's header and layout. It [blog] also finally has a name now. From "a blah blah blog" last year (for lack of creativity) to "DEADBEAT" because that's pretty much what I am at everything. I'll explain someday!

    Stuff I have drafted, therefore, something to watch out for at Deadbeat:
    • The things I love about working from home! (It's been a year and 2 months now!)
    • A travel guide to Malapascua Island in Cebu
    • A travel guide to Kalanggaman Island in Leyte
    • My Cebu vlog
    • Lots of other backlog travel posts
    • Probably a few more food blogs (I'm trying)
Well, look at that. I did great for someone who just blogged today for the mere sake of adding another post for June, right? What can I say, change looks good on me. 


  1. Hope you enjoyed Cebu! ;) Well, I only jumped to the freelancing world just recently and it has its own share of pros and cons but I'm not complaining because it's like a "dream job" to me. LOL. Congrats on finally naming your blog, hehe! And for posting 2 blog posts last June. And for the best gift you've ever received too.

    1. I did! I can't wait to go back to Cebu! Hehe Welcome to the club! :)

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